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Do you find there are just not enough hours in the day to keep up with all of the social media tasks and functions that are critical to keep your listings out there and achieving success? Social Media can be a powerful tool. It’s no secret... Social Media is exploding! Social Networks and Blogs have surpassed even email in popularity and are growing at a rate of more than three times as fast as overall internet growth. It can also be confusing and time consuming!

We can help! It’s time to work smarter to achieve results with less expense.

In this economy you don’t need the added expense of hiring employees with benefits. We are available anytime you choose, business hours, evenings and weekends.

We will help you put your ideas and messaging into action to create a successful online presence.

Give us a try. There are no long term commitments.

We also provided newsletter, flyer etc. design for an additional fee.

We also do photo retouching and enhancement for real estate agents and new home builders. 

Your New Year’s resolution ……. Save money and have more free time! ...... Give us a call to schedule an appointment and let us show you what we can do for you to help you achieve success in 2012!

Feel free to try us for a month. If you feel this is not for you after a month you are not obligated in any way. We work on a month to month basis.


Our basic plan includes the following:

HouseButton A customized social media road map

HouseButton Setup and create a social presence on several social networks

HouseButtonMonitor and update your social presence several times a week including blogging.

HouseButtonMonthly reports detailing the status of all your social networks.

Your satisfaction is quaranteed!

Our basic plan is $250 per month, if you sign up by March 31, 2012, for unlimited monitoring and updating.

Other options are also available for other services. (Please contact us for a quote.)

Facebook Timeline


New - We now offer a plan that wil give you a jump start on social media.  We will set you up on the social media sites that will get you noticed and get you ranked higher on Google.  We will then give you an outlined plan to continue on your own.  This plan also includes the Facebook Timeline plan outlined below.  
$55 - This is a one time fee for this service

New - Just need a flashy new Facebook Timeline Page? We will get you set up with a new Facebook Timeline Page outlining your business career from the beginning along with customized app buttons to match.  (We also offer customized branding to match your website.)
$35 - This is a one time fee for this service

New - Need some apps to go along with your flashy new Timeline Page?   We will create an app for you along with customized app buttons to match your page.  Please contact us to see what apps are available.
$20 - for each app and customized button